Morrigan Invocation from Love and Light

30 Mar

When I Met Her

11 Oct

I was exhausted,

I had no where to go,

I was in a big city but I was alone.

I found a park

in a secluded spot I found a tree

I crawled under it and fell asleep

I don’t know how long I was asleep

but she woke me up.

“They won’t let you sleep here.”

“I know a place.”

“Follow me.”

So I did.

We walked a short distance,

to a small entrance,

we had to crawl in

it was dark

but she talked to me,

so I could follow her voice.

she told me

“it would be safe”

“not to be afraid”

so I followed her,

but I was afraid

Finally, I could see some light,

we entered a room that was lit

the ceiling was so low we had to crawl through

we finally came to a hole in the ceiling

we went through it

we emerged into a furnished room

as I entered I saw an old lady in the corner, she was working on a blanket

and sitting at a table laid out with various foods, was a beautiful and regal lady,

the young girl hugged the old lady,

and then kissed the regal lady

before disappearing into the shadows of another room

The regal lady smiled at me, and said

“you can join me for some food”

“or you can take some and go and rest”

I thanked her profusely and grabbed some meat,

entering the room the regal woman had pointed to

I found a huge soft bed, but I continued on

in the room beyond I saw a smaller less soft bed, but I continued on

I continued on

until I found a cot laid out with a thread bare blanket

I grabbed the blanket and crawled into a hole that was in the floor,

I found a corner of this area,

and fell into a deep sleep

I awoke to the young girl’s voice

“wake up, lazy head”

I opened my eyes to her big brown eyes staring back at me

they sat atop a wide toothy grin

instantly I felt a happiness and calmness

The Night Everything Ended

16 Apr

We had been together for a long time, sometimes it seemed really long, other times I felt like I barely knew my husband.  I suppose that is the way it is.  We were sitting on the couch, the dogs were laying in their chairs, all was quiet.  Then suddenly, the door flew off the hinges, it just blasted in, I was terrified.  The dogs were fleeing to us.  In strode three large men, in masks.  I again felt the cold grasp of fear on my heart, I couldn’t move, but I could feel myself shaking uncontrollably.  I thought I felt my husband shaking too.  Oh God, my protector, my rock, my love is scared.  The men moved quickly, surrounding us.  My hubby kept saying in almost in a chant, “just leave, you will ruin everything”, “just leave, You will ruin everything”, “Just leave, You will ruin everything”.  One of the men, slapped me and screamed shut up.  My hubby stopped for a moment, and then in a quick and calm voice said, “Please, good sirs, take your leave, I have worked for so long, and sacrificed so much for all of this, you will ruin it all.  All my sacrifice for nothing, except your avarice.  Please, I beg you, Just leave.”  The men almost in unison laughed, for a second I thought I almost saw a moment of sadness on my husbands face, before the most evil grin swept over his face, suddenly I became even more fearful.  The next words I heard out of my hubby’s mouth were, “I warned you…”  The flash of flesh, blood, light, and dark swept before my eyes, I kept closing my eyes and then forcing them back open, but the only thing I could think of was the screams, those god awful screams, they had to be killing my loving hubby.  When everything finally went quiet, I was too scared to open my eyes, then I felt hands on my shoulders, I screamed, then I heard a voice, as sweet as honey, calm like a gentle breeze, it said, “baby, it’s me”.  I opened my eyes, the first thing I noticed was my loving husband was covered in blood, I gasped, are you ok?  I screamed.  Yes yes, this is their blood.  That is when I noticed it, my loving husband, was no longer the pudgy 50-year-old that was balding with graying hair, he was the man I married 30  years earlier, svelte, dark brown hair, chiseled cheeks, no crows feet, smooth skin.  I blinked, thinking the stress of the moment was affecting my vision.  but no, here was a vision of my hubby, the man I fell in love with, young, virile, and so powerful.  I coughed out, what happened?  He said in a desperately sad voice, they ruined it all.  I’m sorry.  They ruined it all.  Before I could speak he was gone.

It was the night everything ended.


11 Apr


Pain is one of those things…

for some it is a simple paper cut

for some…

who have been shot


beaten with sticks or stones…

it really hurts

but the most painful of all…

is being left

left alone

no one wants to be deserted

no one wants the love to stop

no one enjoys that pain

please don’t leave me

please don’t hurt me




I know I don’t deserve your love

but I need it


I need your love

all I can offer you is my

unconditional love

it is my sole gift

I love you

I miss you

please love me

don’t leave me

don’t desert me

what ever I did








Quiet Time

27 Mar

The fog makes sounds hang in the air

a light drizzle covers everything in a glisten

a thick blanket coves the sky in a dark gray

no one is around

no birds are singing

the whole feel is ancient

this comforts me

this makes me happy

this makes me feel safe

The Concept of Prestige in Strategic Level Wargames

4 Feb

The concept of prestige in wargaming has long been established to abstractly represent the prestige a country or faction gets when certain objectives are attained, the value of prestige varies greatly amongst the different games including being the sole determiner of victory in some to be completely absent in others.

Perhaps the best use for prestige would be to use it to enhance factors in diplomacy.  As appearances are quite important in diplomatic matters such as treaties, pacts, and agreements of all types.  Once particular concept I would like to see, and the meat of this meandering missive, is gaining different amounts of prestige for the same action in regards to different political blocs, and a country could be part of multiple blocs.  The blocs would be countries and/or factions that share Geopolitical, economic, regional, religious, ethnic, historical, and linguistic ties.

This would help the ai to simulate political scenarios better.


30 Dec

When we first met we were young,

our skin was soft and smooth.

Your pale cheeks blushed rose frequently

Your silk soft lips caressed my fallow flesh

My heartbeat quickened whenever you came near

My soul yearned to be near you

But as time does,

it ran

far too swiftly

Now our flesh is rough and wrinkled

Your pale cheeks rarely blush anymore

Your lips still silk soft caress me less and less

My heart still quickens when you are near tho

My soul still leaps to be close to you

I can see the veil thinning daily

I know soon we will be apart

I promise to join you quickly

When we are together again

We will be young

Our skin, soft and smooth

Your pale cheeks blushing frequently

Your silk soft lips will caress my fallow flesh


and a day